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Adobe Photoshop Express Free Android App

I was impressed by last year’s “Adobe Photoshop Express” Android app of this Android, iPhone, iPad version of the Android version is still very simple, is not so easy to use, although it is called Photoshop on the mobile device launched a free version, Not on Snapseed.

But yesterday to see “Adobe Photoshop Express” Android version has a big update, try again, think this time the revision can finally be called ” Photoshop level of the repair software “.

In the latest version of “Adobe Photoshop Express” not only the interface looks simple and professional, and “very rich and good quality” of the filter effect, and detailed degree of full repair options, I believe you can like to take pictures of the players to make their own satisfaction of the finished product.

1. Go to “Adobe Photoshop Express” to select the camera or take the album, and then use a very diverse filter to repair.
Go to Adobe Photoshop Express
2. In addition, “Adobe Photoshop Express” at the top of the magic wand is also very easy to use, click, the photo can automatically complete the brightness, color optimization adjustment, the effect is also great.
top of the magic wand
3. When using the filter or repair function, you can use the “View Original” button at the top right to view the comparison with the original image at any time.
filter or repair function
4. “Adobe Photoshop Express” also has a very professional “tailoring” tool, not only can cut any size photos, but also fine-tuning rotation, and around, flip up and down photos of the function.
professional tailoring tool
5. In the official screening options, “Adobe Photoshop Express” also has a richer revision options, and such as sharpness adjustment and other functions, can make you more professional fine-tuning photos, and adjust the details And the quality is very good.
official screening options
6. After the completion of the revised map, use the top right of the share button, you can save the photo to the album, you can keep the original size to store.

Overall, “Adobe Photoshop Express” is a level, the interface has improved repair map App, the name of the brand does have their own advantages, interested friends can try.
Overall map App Adobe Photoshop


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