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Match strategy simulation game where new game system was added to each map
“Clash of Clans” is a strategic simulation that constructs facilities in his village, makes a mighty fortress, produces soldier units, and attacks other villages of other players … game.

Although it is a work which can be called a monument of strategy simulation that produced much follower work since the release, a super large update was done to such a work!

After adding a whole new village, we also added new units such as Rage Barbarian and new facilities!

Furthermore, the battle system of this village is also a new thing called “Versus warfare” , and from the past system that “it is OK if it attacks and destroys the opponent’s village”, “I and the other party attack each other village, The one with the higher destruction degree wins “to the interactive system .

Whole added new village, must build a facility from 1 on, even resources such as coins and Elixir reset because it is, beginners and veterans can also play in the same conditions!

After specializing in more battle, people who are playing for the first time, those who were playing before, and veterans who continue to play can be reborn!

Clash of Clans

A new village emerges where the sea is separated from the former village! Everything is new from unit to battle!

The “crash-of-clan” update is characterized by units with special abilities

Speaking of the fun of “Kurakura”, the point of destroying the village of the opponent by considering the strategy “Where to put unique units at which timing?”

Also when defending your village, we will arrange the village facilities considering what kind of unit the other party uses.

This became more interesting with this update!

I wrote the addition of a new unit, how, every unit that can be used in a new village is a new unit !!

Moreover, all units have special abilities. Rage Barbarian,

for example, has almost the same appearance as a typical barbarian, but it has the magic of Rage that increases attack power and speed for 4 seconds. Also, the sneak archer has almost the same appearance as Archer, it can not be targeted by the enemy’s defense facility for 3 seconds. With such special ability, you need to consider a completely different strategy whether you think about attack or defense! This is fresh and fun.

Crash of Clan" The tips of the strategy

Looks like a similar look, but the ability is a completely different thing! The stronger the habit, the strategy has increased!

“Crash of Clan” The tips of the strategy after updating ★ Priority of acquisition

A new system that has been implemented by the update “Versus war” is, win or loss is determined by comparing the destruction rate of their own and the other party too.

In other words, basically just as earlier you can earn the destruction rate, so if you break from attacking facility of the troublesome opponent in order, it means OK …

However, be careful that the existence of ★ is also involved in victory or defeat!

Even in “Battle Battle”, as in the past battle, “When the destruction rate exceeded 50% ” “When destroying the builder hall (= town hall in the new village)” “When the destruction rate reached 100% ★ at the timing of.

Like ★ the score, this ★ seems to have influenced victory or defeat more than score.

The quickest way to get ★ is to destroy Builder Hall.

Even if the destruction rate is low, ★ Once you destroy the builder hall ★ Since it is definite one, the builder hall aim is more important than ever.

Of course, on the defense, it is important to protect the builder hall!

hole destruction is super important in Crash of Clan

It seems that ★ is rated higher than the destruction rate. Builder hole destruction is super important!

The flow of the game of Clash of Clans
The flow of the game of Clash of Clans

The design of the title screen changed drastically, to the beach!
Since about the beginning of May, a continuous animation on which a curator traveled to the sea on Youtube was being aired, but finally, it arrived over the ocean!

The broken ship that was on the beach of the village so far can be repaired!
Tap the boat after repair …

To the new village on the new continent across the sea!
This is a new stage that you can enjoy “Battle of Versus”.
By the way, when you tap a ship you can switch between the old village and the new village at any time.

There is neither a facility nor a soldier unit, it departs again from 1!
Let’s build facilities in the new village.
Both beginners and veterans are starting again at the same starting point!

Crash of Clans Capture Image 5 The penetrability has been improved finely with the update, the wall can be made in a gathered state, and resources can get all resources at once by tapping one place.
Super comfortable!

Crash of Clans Capture image 6 From the “attack” icon in the bottom left, finally challenge to “battle of Versus”!
Unlike the previous battle, you can not fight with opponents.

The battle will start suddenly.

Crash of Clans Captures image 7 The method of operating the battle itself is the same as before.
The special ability of the unit automatically activates, so you do not have to be conscious of the player.

Crash of Clans Capture image 8 As a result of the battle, the one with the highest score wins!
Every day, booty items are prepared and coins and elixirs can get a large amount, so it is recommended to challenge every day!

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