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Download new Opera Mini APK Android App with major features

In the Internet mobile device has just begun to pop, the most popular mobile browser is Opera Mini, then Opera Mini main can automatically help users save the characteristics of Internet traffic, access to the majority of support and recommendations.

Just if you have used the Opera Mini 7.x version on Android and will find that his interface is a bit out of date. So, opera decided to help Opera Mini makeover, which is today to introduce the ” Opera Mini 8.0 Android new special version “, according to Android user habits tailored, the old version of Opera Mini 7 users need to download the new page to reinstall download The

If you have been using Opera Mini 7.x before, you can install “Opera Mini 8.0 Android new dedicated version”, both versions are independent App, can coexist to use, to facilitate you to compare old and new version, and Transfer information.

If you were previously deprecated because of the opera mini interface, then the “opera mini 8.0 Android new version” worthy of our try again.

opera mini new version

Opera has always liked the possibility of trying the browser, has also been launched for a variety of special needs of the design of the browser, loved by the user that is leading the trend of the past one of the striker, such as:

  • Coast by Opera Simple and elegant Opera re-create iPad browser
  • Opera Max Open in Taiwan! Big mobile phone app network traffic
  • Dedicated to the most professional users of the browser: Vivaldi from the Opera founder (in particular, this visit does not belong to Opera in essence, but the Opera founder to develop the spirit of the new browser based on the new computer browser)

And this “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version” is to Opera Mini original power-based, especially for the latest Android interface and redesigned browser, the following, let us take a look at “Opera mini 8.0 Android new special Version of the “What is the function ( including the old version and the new version of a unified order ).

Once again to remind you that “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version” is the need to re-download the new independent App, we do not download to the old version Hello!

opera mini for android

Opera app

1 Gesture
“Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the new” in the new interface to hide an important change is to increase the number of gestures to operate the design.

In bookmark management, multi-page management, you can use the gesture to cancel the paging.

Opera bookmark management

In the speed dial home page, you can use the gestures to drag the common site, after the stack becomes a group folder.

In the web browser, as long as the circle part of the text, the new version will automatically pop up the [Search] button, easy to quickly search.

And in the top of the page pull down, will automatically reorganize the page.

2. Search
The search bar is displayed in the URL bar search keywords, and the search results will be automatically pop up in the URL bar, as well as bookmarks and browsing history search results.

However, the “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the new” built-in Google Chinese search is simplified Chinese version, we have to own Google page to switch to traditional Chinese, is the Taiwanese users used Google search Taiwan version.

3. text
“Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the new version of the new version of the default or as before, the text is relatively small, if you like to look at the big text on the phone, then remember to enter the settings, in the [text size] select [large] So you can see a more comfortable text layout.

4. big screen
“Opera mini 8.0 Android new version” also for mobile phones, tablet users can be designed to adjust the three appearances of the layout, “phone” layout of all the features will be focused on the top of the browser and hidden, “traditional interface” will be resident below Quick features and hidden top bar, “Tablet PC” appears a special large-screen design of the multi-page browser interface.

You can also check “Enable and display status bar” in [Full Screen], so that the lower function bar will be automatically hidden when not in use, and when it is needed (scroll).

5. traffic
Of course, Opera Mini has always been saving traffic and still keep the default, “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the new version” in the new interface allows us to more easily track the current bandwidth savings, and its effect is also excellent Save traffic on Google Chrome.

6. found
“Opera mini 8.0 Android new special version” in the speed dial the main screen, combined with the [explore] function, you can Taiwan’s various theme news instantly on the home page, you can also customize your favorite theme to do the switch.

7. Privacy
And modern browser almost all have the private browsing function, you can also “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the special use”, open the multi-page switch screen, in the lower right of the menu select [Add Privacy Browsing] Can open a separate, black privacy browsing tab (no trace points).

8. Download
“Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the” download management interface is also improved, while downloading multiple files can see each file download progress screen list panel, and can be downloaded in the download manager to delete and delete files on the phone The

And “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version of the new version of course, also has a bookmark synchronization feature, you can use the original Opera Mini old version of the bookmarks synchronized, but also have like to download offline pages, share the bookmark list to other users Features.

Overall, the “Opera mini 8.0 Android new version” retains the Opera Mini and Opera Android version of the features, as an emphasis on fast, light, smooth new Android browser, like Opera friends worth trying.


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