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Facebook APK download android phone app With 15 hidden trick

Facebook App should be the easiest for the average user to get started with the mobile phone software, Facebook APK download android phones also I help my parents to install this App, just teach them how to post text, they will own praise and browse the message, but in addition to just Has been brushing the home page of the dynamic news, this may be Taiwan’s mobile phone users on the use of the highest Facebook App, there are no other easy to use?

Skip those who will use the praise, message, punch card to share photos, this article to sort out some “is actually very simple”, but may not be the average user may not find Facebook Android and iOS App on the use of skills, hidden Function, let us use the Facebook App better.

Note: This article describes the function to Facebook Android App-based, some features can not be used on iOS, will be particularly explained, if the operation is very different, will be particularly for the iOS version of the introduction, the other should be common.

1. Replace Google Chrome to open the facebook app page link

Facebook App now all use the built-in browsing window to open the page, but the Facebook built-in page window function is poor if I want to use another mobile phone browser to open the page how to do?

On Android, you can solve this problem, open the Facebook App, switch to the “More” page in the graph, find “Application Settings” and check “Always use an external browser to open the link” after entering.

And use Google Chrome to open the Facebook page, you can also help you automatically compress web pages to save traffic, as well as web security automatically check.

Facebook how to hide friends phone

2. Turn off video autoplay to save traffic

In the Facebook App scroll to see the news, volume to a film, the results actually began to automatically play? Sometimes this unexpected sound may cause embarrassment, and automatic playback of the film may also cause a waste of mobile Internet traffic.

This time in Facebook Android App, the same as the previous teaching said “application settings”, this time select “video autoplay”, set to “off” can be.

Turn off video autoplay to save traffic

On iOS, go to the iPhone or iPad separate “Settings” App to find “Facebook” settings.

iPhone or iPad separate Settings autoplay video

Then turn off Auto-play in your Facebook settings to turn off video autoplay.

3, close the message automatically synchronized, less interference, power savings

Facebook App may automatically help you in the absence of open App also automatically update the message, but for me, it is not necessary if I did not open the graffiti wall, why update the graffiti wall content, not only caused new message notification interference Consuming network traffic and consuming electricity.

At this time, Facebook iOS App users, according to the previous second set of teaching steps, close the “background App re-order” can be.

And Facebook Android App users, enter the “application settings”, in the “refresh the interval” select “Never” can be.

This setting will not affect Facebook instant messaging users, so you can receive real friends like Facebook friends.

facebook app close message automatically

4. Customize the dynamic message filter that best fits your liking

Think of your dynamic message page, always do not appear what they want to see the content? Or appear too much do not want to see their own content? Now there are new settings on the Facebook App can automatically filter the conditions.

Also on the “More” options page of Facebook Android and iOS App, find “Dynamic News Preferences”, where you can see your last week’s news snippet to see what’s the most common source of information on your graffiti wall, and What sources of information they have blocked, to help themselves quickly make preference adjustments.

Customize the dynamic message filter that best fits your liking

5. Edit the most frequently used “My Favorites” activity log

We know that the web version of Facebook, you can put their most commonly used functions, the most often go to the community, the favorite fans to see the top of the professional arrangement? This feature can also be set on the phone, find “Edit favorite” on the “More” menu, then star the items you want to arrange at the top, then press the right button to sort the front and back positions so that you can Fast in Facebook App see what you want to see the activity log.

the most frequently used activity log

6. Turn on unfiltered updates

Facebook sometimes make people mistakenly think that the news is always missing friends, and now we all know that because the Facebook home page of the dynamic message will automatically filter, only show that we want to see a small number of content, but so most of the friends of the dynamic In fact, can not appear.

And a relatively dynamic way to see is to open the “latest” page, where? Also in the Facebook App “more” page, you can find this “latest”.

If you like to see more dynamic, do not forget to use the first five tips, the “latest” to join my favorite, you can open faster at any time.

Turn on unfiltered updates

7. Save later reading to “My Collection”

Facebook can now store a dynamic message, link, video so that we can read later. In the Facebook App can also use this feature, just click the top right of the dynamic message “drop-down menu button”, select “Save XXXXX”, you can in the “my collection”, see these stored messages, Space to read or share.

save facebook video, image, states

8. Hide the type and source of messages you do not want to see

There are like to see the message, of course, do not want to see the message, in particular, some fishy smell of smell, in the Facebook App can actually browse the current filter, will not see later.

See do not want to see the message, just pull down the top right of the message menu, select “I do not want to see this”, you can filter out this dynamic, and you can choose why do not want to see, this time Facebook will know you do not like Such topics, or do not like this source, will avoid similar content later.

Hide messages you do not want to see

9. Obtain a two-step authentication password

“Two-step verification” is currently the most effective way to protect the security of Facebook account, it is recommended that you want to open, this mechanism is not only effective, in fact, we did not imagine so much trouble, as long as you understand the basic functions: When 2 million community website password Stolen, how do you simply protect the cloud account security?

And when you open the Facebook account two-step verification, if a new computer needs to login Facebook account, this time, in fact, Facebook App can be your two-step verification password generator, just enter the “more” menu, start the “Code Generator “can be.

So that you will not wait for a delay in sending a text message.

facebook two-step authentication password

10. Quick privacy settings: privacy shortcut

If you sometimes encounter people who want to block, or often receive boring messages, this time in the Facebook App can quickly do the privacy settings, do not have to return to the computer operation.

Just enter the “privacy” of the Facebook App’s “More” menu and see the simple instructions to help you set up the above requirements.

check upper image option 3

11. Quickly delete your own improper message: Manage the activity record

Sometimes the heart straight mouth, or the phone on the careless, point the wrong praise, said the wrong words, share the bad content? This time a tension can not find the original message where can be deleted?

In fact, the quickest way to enter the “privacy shortcut” in the “activity record”, even in the Facebook App, you can quickly check their own at the end of the face to do what interaction, and quickly delete each regret the interaction status.

Quickly delete your own improper message facebook

12. Do you want to use Facebook Instant? Use the web version

Facebook App now want to chat dialogue to be forced to install Facebook instant access, if you really do not want to install how to do? In fact, you can, is to chat to the chat room, with a mobile browser to open the Facebook version of the page, you can use the web version of the inbox, chat room.

Facebook Instant? Use the web version

13. Use large textures in comments

Facebook is now open to the general dynamic message, you can also use the map store large dynamic map, Facebook App can also be used, as long as the message when you choose “smile” button, you can use the big map to leave a message.

Use large textures in comments

14. Explore the Facebook friends recommended attractions with the restaurant

If you really love the Facebook users, then perhaps the next time to go out to play, you can also try to help you recommend Facebook attractions, restaurants. As long as the “more” in the Facebook App “find the surrounding” option, open, you can browse the nearby locations, many Facebook friends by the praise of the location, you can find the recommended restaurants and attractions.

facebook friends recommended attractions

Although this and Google Maps can not be compared with the rich and the rich, as a friend to find friends to see, or very valuable.

15. Automatic photo phone backup

There are many phones on the phone will help you automatically backup mobile phone photos, Facebook will do the same thing.

If you usually really every day in the Facebook to share photos, and even really in the Facebook to create a memoir album, then open the automatic backup photo function, when you can let the phone shoot all the new photos appear in the Facebook private book (Only you can see the content), so you can always share.

Automatic photo phone backup

Above the 15 Facebook App built-in useful features, you have used it? Or do you still find other easy-to-use Facebook App features and techniques? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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