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Is not “Gmail Android App” application difficult to use?

Naturally, Gmail Android App, the usability of a smartphone depends on the application. Being able to add applications is a big advantage of smartphones, is not it? Recently, I feel like that.

The SIM-free Nexus 5X I use is only Android standard applications when purchasing. Browser “Chrome”, email “Gmail”, photo management “Google Photos” and so on. The author uses “pre-installed” ones at first, whichever smartphone you use “default faction”. However, only the “Gmail” application was not familiar with its usability. Although I do not feel inconvenience to use only Gmail, setting multiple email accounts is troublesome, replacing the folder structure with the Gmail specification, so it can be difficult to understand a bit intuitively Kana

A mail account setting screen that you have seen somewhere. Most accounts can be set up simply by entering their email address and password
So I started using it as an application called “free email application Japan by Mail.Ru”. I think that there are a lot of readers who use it because it is highly appreciated by the Google Play Store.

What I like about this application is that it’s easy to set up an account first. Of course, you can set up a company’s mail account (using a rental server), Apple’s @ etc., just by entering an address and a password, as well as major web mail. Depending on the application, it is necessary to manually enter the mail server and port number in the setting of these accounts, but with this application, there was no need for them, and we were able to send and receive mails at once.

There is also a lot of things you can set for each account. It is simple but convenient to feel that you can set an icon that allows you to recognize your account at a glance. I set pictures of animals of my favorite and enjoying customization.

Free e-mail application

“Free e-mail application Japan” setting screen. Because it has all the functions of the people, it will not feel inconvenient
I registered 4 accounts. Gmail is also checking with this application

It is also advantageous that the account list, the menu (folder list), the receiving box can be switched by the horizontal slide, superior in the last ability. Mail check for each account can be performed very smoothly. The folder list is also displayed with the original name of each mail account, you can add a folder for each account and set a filter. In short, it is an impression that you can do almost anything.

Recently, browsers also use ‘Opera browser’ added by myself instead of ‘Chrome’ more and more. The reason I started using “Opera” is that you can expand any web page with the pinch out. In a web page for smartphones, there are pages that are displayed with the right width on the screen and can not be enlarged. I am troubled when the characters are small and hard to read. Using “Opera”, that problem was solved.

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“Opera” also sells points by compressing data and receiving it and reducing traffic volume. I also have “data saver” on in “Chrome”. When comparing “Opera” and “Chrome”, I do not know which one can efficiently compress the data, and I think that there is little difference at the level that you can realize such as page reading. However, “Oprea” can check the data compression rate with a single touch. I think that such “visualization” function also leads to an improvement in feeling of use.

Recently, the map application is not “Google map” but “Yahoo! map” favorite. Because it uses Google map on the personal computer, it is “Google map” to the last, but “Yahoo! map” can display rain cloud radar, check pollen information, it is really multi-function. If you install it as a map application to use as a sub, I think that there is something to rely on.


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