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Google Maps Android App APK Download Full Free For Android Phones

You may be a busy worker or a busy activist who needs to move so often in a known or unknown place Google Maps was helpful for you read the full article. As you’ve got an Android device, you need some maps and navigation apps that install on your beloved Android phone to consolidate your concerns.

But in all these apps on the Internet, you can have good ideas on the good maps and navigation applications even though you use it too. Good luck that you came to the right place. To make your concerns invisible, you just need to be patient and keep checking our confrontation clutter on top map apps where you want to go.

We have to talk about some map applications here but we are talking about Android, we all have ‘Google Maps’ in mind as the Maps app. So, we will start with Google Maps.

Part 1. What for you on Google Maps

Undoubtedly for many reasons, this is the best map app for Android. Actually, his name is ‘Maps’ but it is popular in the name – on Google Maps. You will find many Android devices built in it. Perhaps it is the most popular and widely used map application in this world. It is recommended as an alternative to even Apple’s own mapping system. It is a potential 5 out of 2,611,941 critics out of 4.3 stars, on average there are ratings of Google Play Store. It is updated regularly from Google so far, so it is enhanced every day by adding more new features every day by Google & Google. There are many features in this app. Let’s take a look at some of them.

What for you on Google Maps


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Reliable and accurate maps in 220 countries and regions.
  • Different modes of navigation (such as biking, walking, public transportation, driving).
  • Allow voice-guided GPS navigation for walking, biking, and driving.
  • Transit and map directions for more than 15,000 cities and cities.
  • Live traffic conditions, automatic rerouting and event reports help to find the best route.
  • To provide detailed information for over 100,000,000 places.
  • Offer indoor imagery for Street View and restaurants, museums, and more.
  • Maps can be downloaded offline for use without a data connection.
  • Multiple view modes

*** Some features are only available in limited countries.

Download Google Maps for Android from Google (Maps) >> ( )

Part 2. How to make available offline in Google Maps

Google Maps makes it convenient for you to give you your navigation anywhere you want to go. However, generally, you need to turn on the network on your Android phone or table before using it. It makes it inconvenient when you have no WiFi or network available, or Internet speed is very slow.

In this case, you can use it on Google Maps and download offline. In this section, I’m mainly showing you how to do it.

: Map offline There are two ways to use an area: 1. Go to the menu to make available offline. The selector in the area will appear on your screen. Way 2. Go to Maps> My Places> Offline> New Offline Map. To select from the map – A dialog appears where you can type Paris, for example, a region or city name-on your Android phone or tablet screen.

To download an area, you can zoom in the map between pinch area selector and then save your selection.

Note: There is no 14-day time limit for download offline maps.

Part 3. Top 5 Alternative Maps Download for Android

In addition to Google Maps, there are many alternative Maps apps for you. Here, I’m known for their features, which is the best 5 out of the map apps list. You can get an overview of those apps from the table below.

Top 5 Alternative Maps Download for Android

1. Wikipedia Social GPS Map and Traffic

It is an application that connects to social networking with GPS navigation. In a word, it’s just a terrific Android Map app to download. With this app, you get information about hospitals, schools, police, shops and more. It shows traffic jam, transportation stops, parking and other useful information. You can see the position of a user by looking at their avatars. You can also communicate with Facebook through this app. It’s one of the largest community-based traffic and navigation apps in the world.

Main advantage

  • Real time traffic and road info.
  • Alerts, including dangers, accidents, road closures, police traps, and more will be shown.
  • Port-by-turn navigation with voice guidance.
  • Live maps, continuously edited and updated by the Waze community map editors.
  • Some road noise automatically routes the route.
  • Know your frequent destinations, commuting hours as the preferred route.
  • This is the cheapest fuel for your journey.
  • Add Wikipedia to your contacts as your friends.
  • See friends’ ita when driving from the same place.
  • Send automatic updates on your location and ita.
  • One call to connect to Facebook and calendar events.
  • Great climb into your community by mentioning the system as you contribute to the information on the road.

Wikipedia Social GPS Map & Traffic Download from Google Play Store >>

Wikipedia Social GPS Map and Traffic

2. Map Factor: GPS Navigation

It may seem like other android map apps on the internet, but some features make it special & kinky to others. It gives an audible alert when the user approaches any motion camera. And it also has a normal 2D mode as a 3D GPS navigation mode. Change color for day/night mode driving during day or night. These features make it a unique application without a doubt.

Main advantage

  • The motion camera is close to the camera when you offer audible alerts.
  • Auto rotating map
  • Ability to store Android device memory at the desired location.
  • The door to plan the door route.
  • 2D / 3D offline map.
  • Voices provide built-in navigation in different languages.

Download Map Factor: GPS Navigation Free from Google >>

Map Factor: GPS Navigation

3. OsmAnd Map Navigation

OsmAnd refers to the sample automated navigation direction. It’s another GPS GPS navigation app to return. It provides you with an automatic re-routing if you deviate from the route. The main function can be run without the internet so that you do not worry about using the map all the time. It can display the map satellite view that has voice guides. These features made this a masterpiece application.

Main advantage

  • Automatic day/night view switching.
  • Display optional speed limit with a reminder.
  • Optional speed-based maps zooming.
  • Share your location so that you can find out your friends.
  • Save your most important place as desired.
  • Offers voice guidance.

OsmAnd Map Navigation

4. Backcountry Navigator TOPO GPS

This is a full version as a trial version. The trial version is 21 days long. It can be very convenient for outdoor operation. It has marine maps. It is very useful for those who love to go hiking. It can be used offline.

Main advantage

  • There are marine maps.
  • Download pre-location details related maps.
  • GPS directions
  • GPS, GPP or KML files are provided using GPS, waypoints.
  • Enter your own coordinates using the longitude/latitude.

> Learn more about Backcountry Navigator TOPO GPS from Google Play

Backcountry Navigator TOPO GPS

5. GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic

The best offline map applications are in this world & obviously, it can be used very online. This app is free for Google’s most downloaded offline road GPS navigation app in the world, a record holder. It’s a huge collection of maps. Over 160+ downloadable map offlines can be used. It provides GPS navigation preview with Dynamic Lane Guidance. Whenever you tap on the map it will display location details.

Main advantage

  • 3D city on the map, apparently cool
  • Voice Navigation System reverted by the port.
  • Spoken street name encouraged focus.
  • Three alternative routes to choose from.
  • Sharp edges, motion camera, road-block warning.
  • Download Maps for Offline Outdoor Navigation.

From Google Play, >> Download GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic

GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic

There are tons of applications in the Google Play Store. It’s only 6 very hard to choose from them. But we hope we will try to do our best to provide a list of 6 navigation apps which you hope will be helpful for you. Now, you have to check out this app & time for where you want to go. Now you have some tools which will guide you all the way through.

Part 4.Download/install/uninstall/Share/Export Google Maps and alternate apps in one place

In the upper part, I shared the top 6 Android maps to download. Now, you might want to download them on your Android phone or tablet or share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. If you do this, I recommend an Android manager to one of all things for you. It (Windows) Wondershare MobileGo for Android or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) . It provides an easy-to-access Google Play Store to download your desired map directly from your Android phone or tablet. After that, you can manage them effortlessly from the computer.

Step 1 . Download Wondershare MobileGo for Android Windows or Mac version on computer

Step 2. Connect your Android phone or tablet to a computer with a USB cable. If you are a Windows user then you even You can connect your Android phone or tablet via WiFi.

Step 3. Click the Google Play App at the bottom left corner of the step. Fill your desired map in the search box. After navigating the page download map. To install it on your Android phone or tablet click install

Step 4. MobileGo for Android’s left sidebar, click the app. Next, you can see, export, uninstall, start, and map apps and others.

Google Maps and alternate apps in one place

Google Maps Review Video

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