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You TV player

You TV Player APK is a video player for Android that with the correct configuration, we can enjoy hundreds of streaming video channels directly from our station.

Features You TV Player APK

Users You TV Player APK can play any video you have in the memory of him with the robot station just pick a’blde Device ‘drop – down box on left.However, if the painting itself go to the “Help’ option and pressed the button to help ”, will you get a special key that it will be possible to launch new features.

It is important to note that this key can take several minutes to get but the arrival. Once we have this key will not have more than following the steps on the help page, and within seconds we can play any video streaming channel available.

Search for channels with movies, animated series, sporting events, music and so on. All within a single tap away. You TV Player Android is a very special application, thanks to which we can enjoy quality TV and live free from your Android device. So we will just ‘get help’ and follow the steps.

You TV Player For Android Video

Versions: the latest version
Requires Android: 3.3.3 or higher
Category: Android App


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